Limited Product Warranty

Our window film is warranted to the original owner against BUBBLING, LOSS OF OPTICAL CLARITY, CRACKING, CRAZING, DEMETALISING and any other material fault for the period of the warranty period.

The warranty does not cover film damaged by glass failure, glass breakage, defective glass fitment or leaking glass, film which has been subject to mistreatment, abuse, improper care or excessive heat, film to which stickers, suction caps or similar are attached and it does not cover any consequential loss however caused. All warranties implied statute which can be excluded are excluded.

Warranty Service

If any service under the terms of the warranty, please contact Bayview Window Tinting. To make a claim under the terms of the warranty, proof of purchase is required to be presented by the owner. This can be in the form of the original invoice and/or completed warranty card.

Warranty Periods

Periods range from 3 years from date of purchase through to limited life time depending on the window film installed. Please contact Bayview Window Tinting for specific warranty periods associated with each product code of film.

Scope of Coverage

This limited warranty is provided and applies to any individual or entity that originally purchased the film from Bayview Window Tinting. The limited warranty coverage begins from the date that the film was originally installed, is not transferable from the original purchaser of the film, is only valid in New Zealand.

Bayview Window Tinting shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expense or cost caused or partially caused through:

  • Improper film care or cleaning or abuse.
  • Non conforming applications and non complying film uses.
  • Any other acts , occurrences, defects, faults or damages not associated with the manufactuer of the window films, or for the quality or workmanship of the glass, or insulated glass (IG) units.

In the event that it is necessary to replace defective film or repair glass and/or insulated glass (IG) unit(s),any such repairs or replacement will not extend the warranty coverage. Bayview Tinting reserves the right to approve the warranty repair.

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