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At Bayview Window Tinting we specialize in residential window tinting applications in the greater Bay of Plenty area. We can assure quality work at a competitive price using only the best films available from the USA.

Bayview Window Tinting offers a wide variety of colours and shades of tint to suit the look and feel of your home. Our professional installation team assures you that your home will have long lasting window tint that increases the energy efficiency of your home throughout the year.

Residential window tinting not only protects your home’s interior, it also helps to reduce the amount of damaging ultraviolet rays by 99 percent, which will protect your furnishings and wooden floors from premature fading. Your family is also protected from skin cancer from daily UV exposure.

Our home window tinting can also reduce the amount of glare on television and computer screens that comes into your home through your windows. A growing trend is installing high tech films in existing homes creating a more efficient & pleasant climate in homes.

Applications & Benefits

Glare control is a simple matter of reducing the transmission of visible light. This is exactly what you are doing when you put on a pair of sunglasses. During the quoting process we can guide you as to which film too select to achieve the desired level of glare reduction.

It is a misconception that window films ruin your view, in fact the opposite is true by reducing the glare your eyes relax and focus on the view without squinting. The key is to find a happy medium – something that will control the level of glare and keep the light in the room at a comfortable level.

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When most people enquire about fade control, UV light is the first and foremost factor they think of. But did you realise that UV light passing through glass is only 40% of the problem. The pie chart to the right illustrates all causes of fading

A perfectly clear film isn’t always the best solution for protection against fade. Bayview Window Tinting offers a wide range of different levels of tint to help you find a happy medium.

All our films filter 99% of harmful UV. UV is the bleach in the atmosphere. Furniture, carpets and wooden floors exposed to UV, will fade and deteriorate prematurely.

Window film also provides a “sun screen” for your skin helping to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

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Window films can give you daytime privacy offering you a clear and open view out of your windows. We can control the level of privacy from low too high, without impacting the internal ambience of the room.

With new developments in the Bay of Plenty being built ever closer, window films offer you an easy way to achieve daytime privacy without cluttering your window space with nets, shears, blinds and curtains.

Adding window film to your home provides a “clean and finished” look.

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Solar control window film reduces the transmittance of light and infrared heat through glass windows and doors thereby reducing heat gain. This provides the following benefits.

  1. Improves energy consumption
  2. Improves living comfort
  3. Keeps the home temperatures even throughout the home
  4. Ultra Violet Radiation control

Films can control the solar heat gain within your home by as much as 78%, reducing the need to over-use air conditioning.

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Safety films are not designed to stop the glass from breaking but they keep the broken glass together, there-by reducing the risk of injury caused from flying shards of glass. In addition, the are designed to act as a wind and water barrier in the event of glass breakage during a storm or high winds.

In New Zealand all schools and play schools have safety film applied to non-toughened glass to protect students from injury from broken glass.

These films also protect your home from break-ins increasing the amount of time that a would-be thief takes to gain entry into your property. Safety and security films come in clear and tinted grades, and have the added features of heat, glare and UV control.

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