Film Care

  • A slightly hazy or milky appearance, caused by water between the film and the glass, will be evident for several days after application. Don’t be concerned – it will disappear and the film will be optically clear.
  • Do not clean the film for FOUR weeks, as the material requires this period for curing. A soft damp cloth or chamois is recommended for general cleaning with the use of mild dishwashing liquid for removal of greasy marks.
  • Do not use ammonia or other strong chemicals.
  • Do not use abrasive cloths, brushes or powder on the film.
  • Do not stick heavy or gummed signs, tape, etc on the film. Do not use aerosol sprays on the film.
  • A few small particles or “points” may remain. They are generally visible only from the outside and are inherent to film adhesives. These points or light reflections do not affect the heat, glare, or fade reduction performance of the film in any way.
  • The barely visible border around the edges ensures that the film is properly sealed and bounded to the glass. Do not pick at the edge of the film.

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