1How long does it take to dry?
The manufactures says up to 30 days. In our experience dry time can be a bit longer or shorter depending on weather/atmospheric conditions.
2How come there are bubbles in my tint?
There are bubbles in every window we tint and it’s part of the drying process. They will go away when they are dry.
3Is security film bullet proof?
No. There is no film that is bullet proof. But you can view an actual video demonstration of the 3M safety film here to see how it holds up against an intruder.
4Does the film go on the inside or outside?
95% of the time it goes on the inside, but there is exterior film only used for special applications.
5Is there film that you can’t see in at night?
Yes, frosted or any of the Fasara films you can’t see in or out at night.
6How do you take tint off?
Soap, water and a razor blade (better left to a professional).
7How do I clean my tinted windows?
You can use pretty much anything, just nothing abrasive that might scratch the film.
8Do I get a warranty?
Yes. Lifetime against bubbling and peeling and the manufacture will warranty the windows for up to 15 yrs. Depending on which window film you choose.

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