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After 15 years of running two of the largest tinting companies in Auckland and having sold both, we are bringing our expertise down to the Bay of Plenty. Together with this experience, we're introducing Maxpro Direct - a pricing system that ensures that you the customer get the best value and best product for your home or business.

We guarantee you the most competitive pricing on any size project.

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Brett Horton (Director) - Bayview Window Tinting

Brett has been involved in the tinting industry for 12years.

Brett has built a reputation for getting contracts done on time and on budget. If you are looking for a team that will deliver then Bayview Window Tinting is the team to contact.

Our main aim is to help you prolong the life of the things, people and places you love and care about

Building product awareness & business capability

In order to grow our business, we realised we needed to bridge the gap between the market’s awareness of solar film and, its perception of what uses and applications it could be applied to. That said, Brett brings specific skills, knowledge and hands-on experience to growing and protecting their business livelihood. We know that every successful customer installation is the key to our own business success. This is exactly why the Bayview team of highly skilled installers get every job right first time.

Our business approach, process and values

Brett explains that it’s really important to them, that they understand what the customer’s goals are and how the correct film will meet the stated requirements. “We don’t do hard sell, our customers must understand what the product will do and whether it will provide the solution they’re hoping for.”

To gain a better understanding of the environment, “we physically go out to every customer’s site and have a really good look around. We then discuss their objectives and try to match these with the best-fit product from the range. If it turns out that it’s just not the right product, we won’t sell it to them,” says Brett.

Compliance with glass industry rules and regulations

Given the many different types of glass available, it’s essential Bayview Window Tinting keeps up-to-date with all the latest rules and regulations. To ensure they apply the correct techniques to installing the right film to the right kind of glass, we maintain close communication with the glazing industry, construction industry regulators and our global manufactures. “We ensure we have the most accurate installation information available which is critical, since there’s no room for costly errors or substandard workmanship.”

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